You’ll be able to compare MoMe Kardia® against your current arrhythmia detection and monitoring processes and see firsthand all the benefits that our subscription-based model (per device, NOT per patient) gets you.

What does your MoMe Kardia® trial include?
  • Unlimited usage of our next-gen 3-in-1 MoMe Kardia® device and software – Holter, Event, MCT
  • Cloud-based analysis of patient data, validated by QA & QC professionals
  • On-demand access to automated reports and full disclosure data, 24/7

Billing, Coding and Reimbursement Webinar

How the Trial Works

Step 1: Fill out the form below to register your practice for the trial.

Step 2: Your BIOTRONIK account executive will deliver the system package to your practice to begin use.

Step 3: Use the device for as many tests as needed during your trial period, and experience the transformations in efficiency and economics that it will bring to your practice.

We also encourage you to submit any questions or suggestions you have regarding the device, software, and system during your trial.

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